Nov 7 – 10, 2023
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Kolkata timezone

List of lecturers

Like all previous versions, SLENA-23 will host a wide range of internationally reputed scientists and researchers who will deliver lectures, as well as provide expert insight into the subject.


The list of lecturers includes-

  1. Chris Wrede (Michigan State University and FRIB, United States of America)
  2. Daniel Bemmerer (HZDR Dresden, Germany)
  3. Danielle Dell'Aquila (University of Napoli and LUNA, Italy)
  4. Gavin Lotay (University of Surrey, United Kingdom)
  5. Gianluca Imbriani (University of Napoli and LUNA, Italy)
  6. Gopal Mukherjee (VECC, Kolkata)
  7. Rajdeep Chatterjee (IIT Roorkee)
  8. Tilak Ghosh (VECC, Kolkata)