Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Kolkata timezone

Second Circular


We will open the registration portal on 25 September 2023. The bank details 
for the payment of registration fees are posted on the registration webpage. 
In case you are unable to pay via bank transfer, please let us know and we 
will try to make alternate arrangements for your payment. Once you make the
bank transfer, please send us the details of the transfer so that we can keep 
a track of it and also give you a proper receipt and participation certificate 
(if needed) once you arrive at SINP for the conference.

Please visit the registration page to learn about your registration fees.


A list of hotels close to the conference venue are given in the indico page.
Please check here :

There are some budget hotels, some moderately priced ones and a few
slightly expensive ones. Please book your hotels at the earliest as
December is a season when many people travel to India and stay in these
hotels, specially a lot of trade fairs happen during this month
and hence the hotels get booked out very quickly. When you will register,
you will have the option to tell us which hotel you have booked so that we
can keep a track of it and also arrange for your pick up and drop off
everyday during the conference.
Almost all these hotels can be booked through any of the reliable booking
sites, for eg via

If you wish to stay in Govt Institute guest houses which are good but
basic and do not offer the luxury a hotel may offer, you may again fill in
the option while registering.
Breakfast is generally included in the accommodation (though not all guest
houses offer that, one may have to pay extra for breakfast and dinner). We
will be block booking rooms in these nearby guest houses and hence we need
to know the total number in advance. So, please make up your minds soon
and let us know early enough so that we can book these rooms
in advance. For most guest houses, you should carry your photo ID and your
Covid19 vaccination certificate. This is mandatory to enter the guest

Students will be given free accommodation in the institute guest houses.
Details will be posted/shared once the registration process is complete.

Permissions and Visa :

For all participants who are not Indian citizens, we need to get approvals
from Department of Atomic Energy for entering the premises of SINP. All
foreign participants must send their information to the organisers as
requested in separate mail.

Please send all the requested information asap as the permissions need to
be obtained at least 60 days before the start of the conference. Those who
have already done this may ignore this part.

Indians who hold foreign passports but also possess Overseas Citizen of
India (OCI) cards do not need any visa to enter India and SINP. They must
send the copies of OCI card and passports to the organisers with the
information requested for which separate mails have been already sent.

Other foreign participants require a valid visa to enter India and SINP.
Since we are under the administrative control of Department of Atomic
Energy, one will have to apply
for a paper Conference visa at your nearest consulate/embassy. Invitation
letters have been also sent to the foreign delegates for visa application.
Please get in touch with your nearest embassy/consulate in this regard to
know your time frames for visa issuance. Some consulates/embassy may
request your clearance certificate along with the invitation letter and
hence it is advisable to send your information as soon as possible to the
organisers so that clearance can be obtained fast. We will then mail you
the clearance if your consulate/embassy requires it.

Please get in touch with the organisers if you have some specific queries
regarding visas/accommodation etc and/or if you face problems.