School on High Energy Particle & Astroparticle Physics (HEPAP-DAS 2023)

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

1/AF, Bidhannagar, Kolkata-700064, West Bengal, India.

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) is organizing a School on High Energy Particle & Astroparticle Physics: Data Analysis School (HEPAP-DAS 2023) at SINP from December 05, 2023 to December 09, 2023. This School will be held in person.

The aim of the School is to expose the young participants to frontier research areas in High-Energy Particle and Astroparticle Physics. The primary purpose of this School is human resources development and capacity building in relation to statistical analysis, machine learning and data analysis for realistic cases in High-Energy Particle and Astroparticle physics. The courses will be dedicated to Theoretical, Statistical, as well as hands-on sessions for the above-mentioned areas. The maximum number of students that can be accommodated in the final main School is about 70 (a maximum of 35 outstation students can be accommodated ). 

In addition, we plan to hold a Pre-School about a month before the actual school, which will be held online, tentatively in the first week of November. The Pre-School will have lectures on modern tools (python, pyroot) required for data analysis of High-Energy Particle and Astroparticle physics.

Eligibility: Second year M.Sc. students, fourth and fifth years of Integrated BS-MS, and early Ph.D. scholars. Even though the school is geared towards masters students and JRFs, a few SRFs and postdoctoral fellows will also be considered for the program. An online quiz will be conducted after the pre-school (first week of November), which will be one of the main criteria for qualifying for the main school. Selected students for the HEPAP-DAS will be informed by November 10, 2023. 

We expect the applicants to have basic knowledge of the following:

  • Matter-particle interactions
  • Familiarity with linux/unix operating system
  • Familiarity with very basic programming in any language (for example python/C++)


  • Ankan Roy
  • Ankit Das
  • Anuj Gupta
  • Arpan Hait
  • Bhavya Thacker
  • Biprajit Mondal
  • Cheshta Madaan
  • Chitranshi Bakshi
  • Debabrata Sahoo
  • Jyotiska Panda
  • Kalpna Tiwari
  • Khushboo Sharma
  • Kritika Yadav
  • Md Sariful Islam
  • Mitali Sharma
  • Mudit Kumar
  • Nishant Gaurav
  • Nivedaa Dhandapani
  • Partha Kumar Paul
  • Poulami Mondal
  • Ritesh Kumar Pradhan
  • Sai Krishna Podem
  • Sayan Dhani
  • Shashank Kumar
  • Shubhabrata Dutta
  • Soumyadip Ghosh
  • Subham Saha
  • Subrata Samanta
  • Titir Chatterjee
  • Vikas Raj G